Poo Burgers and Cake!

Things right now are a combination of stressful, depressing, happy, busy, exciting and overwhelming. I’m feeling very ‘flittery’ and I’m not quite sure what to focus my attention on, so I’ll start writing this post and see if I can finish it tonight! Challenge accepted!

James is head down bum up managing UNI and full time work as well as putting up with me and my multitude of projects….

We are getting married in less than a year now (can someone let me know when they find that time I seem to have misplaced. Ta!), so we should be booking things in… We have a venue and I now have a dress, but that’s it. Oh actually, we have tried to meet with some celebrants and even tried to book one but NO ONE RESPONDS TO US!? Why…. at this point I’d be happy even if they said ‘leave me alone! I don’t want your money!’… at least we could move on right?….

One brother has brain cancer and is scheduled for surgery in two weeks (in another state!) and my other brother seems to really dislike the fact I even exist….

I think I said the F word in front of my Mum for the first time on Friday because of everything (I’m not a big swearer at all but I have been lately)….

I’m wondering what it means for me at work with a restructure occurring….

I have lots of homework to catch up on….

I’m watching my Mum & Dad get older everyday (Dad turns 75 next month!)….

I’m thinking about my crafty business plans and lack thereof….

My friends dog is not well…

Anyway, enough rambling and feeling sorry for myself – to other, much better and brighter stuff!

I ordered my wedding dress last Friday and it was WAY less painful than I expected! I thought it would be like shopping for a used car or house and the associated dodginess/pressure that comes with it….. it wasn’t, phew! I celebrated with Mum by having coffee and cake afterwards then browsing some shops πŸ™‚

I finished my MindSpot treatment course last week! It was actually REALLY GOOD! I’ll show you my results because I’m pretty happy with how I’ve progressed. I’ve come away with some very useful and practical tools for managing anxiety, I just need to keep practicing them and be mindful. Some of the lessons were on thought challenging, managing the physical symptoms and unhelpful behaviors. I hope that by sharing this with you will help spread the word that free help is available for those suffering from anxiety or depression. If your not sure whether you need help, you can take the brief quiz or do the online screening assessment and take it from there (that’s what I did). I couldn’t recommend this course enough!

Post Treatment MindSpot

I bought a PowerTube sensory ball because I still haven’t booked in to see a remedial massage person, so in the meantime I’ll DIY to try relieve the tension held in my neck and shoulders. I look like a bear scratching my back on a tree when I use it – So good!

Colouring In

I’ve been enjoying colouring in this book – I wouldn’t say it’s relaxing but it is fun!

James did some procrastibaking today and made this Hummingbird Cake…DELICIOUS & not at all healthy!

We are off to the Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow on the long weekend for some much needed LOLs (yep I just said that..)

I bought this book on neuroplasticity and so far it is fascinating! I’m also halfway through reading Craft For The Soul (I’m avoiding ending it!)…

Brain Book

Oooh and I’m getting my hair done this week!

End Rambling.


P.S. I really, really want to show the world my wedding dress but I’m going to try and keep it a surprise, plus it will be altered a fair bit once it’s arrived – think waltz/ball gown length, champagne colour, lace and tulle, 1950’s Audrey Hepburn style…….

P.P.S. I’m sorry if you were mislead into expecting recipes for ‘Poo burgers’ in this post…

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Easter Catchup and #thecreativeexchange

Hi lovelies!

How has your Easter long weekend been? I’m loving it! The weather has been a nice mix of cool, cosy & rainy, wintery and today it was lovely, sunny and shorts type of weather! I’ve eaten some dark chocolate, made an amazeballs chicken soup, caught up with family and done some exercise (gardening!). It’s giving me a bit of time to play catch up with a few things like the FOURTEEN lessons I’m behind in the Set Up Shop course I started two weeks ago AND the Blog With Pip 2.0 course I started last week!! I think I’m going to run out of time to pick up the crochet hook or colouring in pencils or the million other projects I’ve started!!!

Last week I came home from work to find the most beautiful box full of creativity and goodness sitting on my door step. It was my parcel from the second The Creative Exchange Project I’ve been lucky enough to participate in. This project is run by Sam Dunne from Dunne With Style.

I turned over the box to see where it had traveled from and saw a very familiar name! It was the very lovely and talented Bec from handmade & home! I know Bec from the Blog With Pip courses I’ve done. I couldn’t believe that I had been picked to be Bec’s exchange partner considering The Creative Exchange is open to international participants! Bec is the one who made my gorgeous pin cushion/sewing wrap if you remember and was my partner in the Blog With Pip Secret Santa!

I opened the box to revealΒ  several beautifully wrapped presents (which made me a bit teary they were so lovely!) and one ‘bonus’ Easter present! I actually stopped myself from opening the parcels because I needed to calm down from the excitement and dinner needed to be cooked! So I had a break and opened each one carefully later that night with lots of ‘awwww that’s so lovely’, ‘gosh she is so clever’, ‘OMG Liberty bunting’, ‘I really wanted this book’, ‘ Argh bunnies!!! :D’ and ‘I always wanted these little birdy embroidery scissors!, they can go in my sewing wrap Bec made me!!’. Basically I was like a kid on Christmas morning filled with so much happiness and feeling incredibly spoilt!

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves….

Bec, I’m not sure if I could ever thank you enough! I’m so grateful for everything you put together for me, you made me one very happy girl and gave me a laugh too! I can’t wait to get creative with all my goodies! I’ve all ready started using my notebook while drinking my tea…and there are no jelly beans left from the bunny! THANK YOU! XO

I hope my creative exchange partner loves the goodies I put together for her!

P.S. Want to see a cute letter I wrote for Meet Me At Mikes 52 Hellos Project it’s here. Ignore the handwriting and admire the leaf I painted! πŸ˜›

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It has been very quite here since late last year. Life got busy and blogging became a low priority.

I’m back to say a little hello and to tell you some stuff (and give you a quick biology lesson). Note I wrote this post in March and I’m finally getting my act together with a bit of spare time over Easter to finally post it πŸ™‚

I find February and March a funny time of year. Christmas holidays are well and truly over, I’m back to work and I have loads of ideas and activities I want to do but can’t manage to muster up the will power or time to actually do them. Maybe there is such a thing as seasonal depression? Or am I just being slack? Time management! I hear you say?

On top of the ‘funny time’ of year thing there have been plenty of ‘swings & roundabouts’ i.e. good things Vs crap things in quick succession from each other- which really wears me out! I suck at coping with peaks and troughs in life they make me want to recoil in a shell and come back out when the the weather is optimal!

I’m often referred to as a ‘delicate little flower’ by my partner – it’s OK, he doesn’t mean this in a nasty way. I think its pretty accurate in fact! If I don’t have the perfect weather conditions, optimum pH levels in the soil and it’s not the right time of year, my growth gets stunted! (not in real life – that would be pretty serious! I’m talking about if I was a flower here!). My coping mechanisms need to be toughened – I’d like to become more like a hardy succulent over a delicate ‘flowers once every 40 years’ orchid! Maybe I just need a teaspoon of cement?

This reminds me of biology 101 and the process of homeostasis.

Homeostasis is the property of a system in which variables are regulated so that internal conditions remain stable and relatively constant. It is a process that maintains the stability of the human body’s internal environment in response to changes in external conditions. Wikipedia

I’m like the reverse of a chameleon and when my ‘highly sensitive’ receptors sense I’m feeling happy, angry, sad or excited I go blotchy red and I can feel the arteries in my neck pulse! It’s like my body is screaming out saying ‘hey everyone, look at Sam! Some kind of mild external stimuli (emotion) is making her anxious! Look at that blotchy red neck…. LOOK!!’ This of course makes it a heck of a lot worse! I think my control centre that is meant to stabilise my internal environment has a screw loose! I wonder if my emotions could run so high one day that I’d freeze like the character Beans the desert iguana from the kids movie Rango! Fun Fact: Desert iguanas actually freeze when stressed.

I read further into the ‘Wiki’ article on homeostasis and found this section on the bookΒ Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment (1992) by George Leonard;

Homeostasis is the main factor that stops people changing their habits because our bodies view change as dangerous unless it is very slow. Leonard discusses this dilemma, as the media today encourages only fast change and quick results. The opening of his book describes his despair with the current state of the world and how it is at war with homeostasis. “The trouble is that we have few, if any, maps to guide us on the journey or even to show us how to find the path. The modern world, in fact, can be viewed as a prodigious conspiracy against mastery. We’re continually bombarded with the promises of immediate gratification, instant success, and fast, temporary relief, all of which lead in exactly the wrong direction.”

So it seems like my body/mind doesn’t like change even if it is good for me? Well that’s great considering life is all about change (it’s impossible to ignore!) and there has been a bit of change in my life happening over the last year or so with still so much more to come – in a good way!

So where to now? Apart from resorting to beta blockers to stop the pounding heart/arteries and freak out blotchiness (Yep.. it got that bad the other day I googled ‘how to stop going blotchy when slightly stressed’!) or seeing a psych… I think I just need to remind my over sensitive receptors to calm the hell down and try to channel my anxiety into something useful. Perhaps I should stop signing myself up to WAY TOO many extra curricular activities too!!!

Talking about extra curricular activities… I’ve signed myself up to do an online Wellbeing Course run by MindSpot Clinic next week after doing a free online assessment while I was researching better ways of coping with anxiety. I’m really looking forward to this and hope it will help me discover better ways to deal with the blotchy red panics! P.S I’m so glad to find out that the government funding for this service has been extended for a further 12 months!

Sorry for the long post. Actually I’m not sorry for the long post! I’m going to try and stop apologising so much this year for being me!

Are you a blotchy freak out person too? If so, what do you do?



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Hello Everyone!

I really wanted to pop in and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy 2015!

From climbing volcanoes in New Zealand, pushing my creative boundaries, making new friends to getting engaged! (there will be a 2014 wrap up post in the near future!) It has been a HUGE 2014! While it has been an absolute blast and loads of fun I’m pretty tired and looking forward to a well earned rest over the new year! We might even have time to do some wedding planning! πŸ™‚

I hope you get a laugh out of the ‘awkward family’ photo shoot James and I did to send out as our Christmas cards this year! Please don’t think we dress up in matching Christmas outfits every year!!!! As you can see Baxter bunny really enjoys wearing a Santa hat πŸ˜›

Merry Xmas

All the best and stay safe,

Sam πŸ™‚

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Pin Cushion Swap 2014


How nice is it when you receive something from somebody that has been lovingly handmade!

I arrived home to a lovely little package in my mailbox last Thursday! Inside was a beautiful (and right up my ally!) sewing wrap with a cute little pincushion!

I participated in the #pinitpincushionswap14 hosted by the lovely Tash from Little Bit of Thyme and the lovely Bec from handmade & home. It was my first time doing anything like this. This has been the year of trying lots of new creative projects!

I was a little nervous of my sewing/crafty abilities but I gave it my best shot and luckily my swap partner Simone liked it! You can read Simone’s post about her pin cushion here. I had lots of fun trying to come up with something that met Simone’s brief which ran with a vintage and floral theme. I was pretty happy with the end result.

A few weeks went by and I’d heard that Simone had received her pin cushion. Yay! I waited and waited and thought that perhaps mine might be traveling from overseas… A couple of emails from Tash and Bec went out to the swap partners asking if everyone had sent and received their pin cushions. I felt bad for sending back a reply saying nothing had been sent my way because;

a) I completely understand that life happens and not everyone can keep their commitments and

b) I didn’t want Tash & Bec to feel disheartened that not everyone had participated in the swap.

As time went on I moved on and looked forward to having a go at making my own pincushion – then I got busy and gave up on that project.

A couple of weeks ago a final follow up email came through from Bec asking if there had been anymore pincushions received (as international deliveries had more than enough time). I let Bec know I hadn’t got my swap and she replied telling me to keep and eye out in the mail box – I got excited again!

I actually cried a little bit when I opened up my package – I was overwhelmed with Bec’s generosity and the thought she had put into the entire parcel. I remember when I signed up for the swap entering details like my favourite colours (green, pastels & grey), designers (Beci Orpin & Laura Blythman) and materials. Bec could not have got it more right! I even scored some cute little pins, embroidery needles and some T2 teas! (I LOVE TEA! especially green & peppermint!).

So from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU Bec! It was completely unnecessary but greatly appreciated! You really brightened up my day and my sewing room! I look forward to bringing my craft projects with me in my handy little wrap. A big THANK YOU to Tash also for organising the swap. There are some truly lovely people out there! πŸ™‚

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